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Tankuma Kitamise

Tankuma Kitamise

Tankuma was opened in 1928 near the Takase River in Kyoto by Kumasaburo Kurisu, the founder of the restaurant. Currently Masahiro Kurisu, the third-generation owner/chef and grandson of Kumasaburo, continues preserving the flavors that have been handed down since that time.

Tankuma Kitamise serves Kyoto-style cuisine and has been continually beloved by many prominent figures and businessmen, including authors such as Junichiro Tanizaki and Isamu Yoshii as well as two of the Sen houses (Urasenke and Omotesenke) of the Japanese tea ceremony. Even among restaurants that offer Kyoto-style cuisine, Tankuma Kitamise is one of the most famous and well established.

Tankuma Kitamise’s Kyoto-style cuisine features the elegance of the four seasons in Japan, carefully selected seasonal ingredients, and the natural deliciousness of ingredients presented in a beautiful way. À la carte selections are also available to order as well as courses.

Savor bamboo shoots with a wonderful fragrance and texture in the spring, conger eel from Akashi in the summer, and thinly sliced raw sea bream and matsutake mushrooms from Tanba, Kyoto in the autumn. In the winter, we are particularly proud of our famous soft-shelled turtle hot pot.

Counter seats are also available in the restaurant, where you can enjoy uniquely delicious Kyoto-style cuisine while watching our skilled chefs and experiencing seasonal ingredients – including their fragrances and sounds – with all five senses.

Please visit Tankuma Kitamise and allow us to offer you the hospitality that can only be found at a renowned Kyoto-style restaurant.


Shop Information

Kyoto Main

Tankuma Kitamise “Kyoto Main”

Address: 355 Kamiya-cho, Shijyo-agaru,
Nishi-Kiyamachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8024
TEL: 050-3503-6990 / FAX: 075-221-6991
Open Hours: LUNCH 12:00~15:00 (Last Order 13:30) / DINNER 17:30~22:00 (Last Order 19:30)

Kyoto Tokyu Hotel

Tankuma Kitamise “Kyoto Tokyu Hotel”
Directed by M.Kurisu

Address: KYOTO TOKYU HOTEL Lobby Floor,
Gojo-sagaru, Horikawa-dori,
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8519
TEL: 075-341-2411(ex. 1832) / FAX: 075-341-2488
Open Hours: BREAKFAST 7:00~10:30 / LUNCH 11:30~14:30
DINNER 17:00~22:00 (Last Order 21:00)

Rihga Ryal Hotel

Tankuma Kitamise “Rihga Ryal Hotel”
Directed by M.Kurisu

Address: RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL 1F, Totsuka-cho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0071
TEL: 03-5285-1121
Open Hours: LUNCH 11:30~14:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays ~15:00)
DINNER 17:30~21:30 (Last Order 21:00)